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Mountable Navigation Gear for Helmet with


It’s really dangerous to read/reply text or make/receive calls while driving, because a single distraction cost you a life. It is not only dangerous to driver even fellow commuters. But here we are, Nuviz Inc. just solve that problem.

Nuviz HUD
Nuviz HUD

NUVIZ is a joint venture between wearable display technology leaders: San Diego-based HOLOEYE Systems and Washington DC-based APX Labs now know as Upskill


Nuviz HUD Tech
Nuviz HUD Tech

Nuviz trying to provide 4 solutions:

  • Phone Calls
  • GPS Navigation
  • Click Photos
  • Play Music

They also provides accessories for HUD like-

NUVIZ Controller
NUVIZ Controller

NUVIZ Controller: With this replacement controller you can utilize the full potential of your NUVIZ again, whether as replacement or as an addition for your secondary bike.

NUVIZ Wired Headset
NUVIZ Wired Headset

NUVIZ Wired Headset: Another high-quality accessory for your NUVIZ Head-Up Display. It serves as replacement or as addition to the first headset for your secondary helmet.

Retail Price of Nuviz HUD is $699

NUVIZ App available for Android & Apple App Store.

Even though they are succeed to create a device which minimize your distraction. But it is still a distraction!!!!

The right way to ride/drive to unstrapped all your gear whether it is on handlebar/helmet/on ear etc., make your eyes focused straight on roads. If you are not doing it right, you’ll be land in emergency any moment soon.

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